About Us

Welcome to Blue Eagle Investigations®

Blue Eagle Investigations® is arguably the largest women owned business in the insurance fraud investigative industry.

Cathy Macfarlane

Cathy Macfarlane, Chairman & CEO

Cathy joined Blue Eagle in 2003 and immediately set upon transforming Blue Eagle into a national brand. She has since succeeded in establishing Blue Eagle as the premier investigations company in the United States.

Stu Macfarlane

Stu Macfarlane, Founder & President

Stu founded Blue Eagle in 1994 and quickly established Blue Eagle as a leader in the insurance fraud investigations industry.

Did you Know?

Blue Eagle Investigations®, Inc., was founded in 1994 by Stu Macfarlane. The Blue Eagle name comes from the US Air Force F-15 “Eagle" fighter jet. Stu's father, Willard R. “Mac" Macfarlane, was a highly decorated military fighter pilot-many say the best there ever was. His favorite jet was the F-15 and it's natural color is blue, hence Blue Eagle.